The effects of the 2008 credit crisis and recession continue to plague the real estate industry. Even though the Aspen real estate market has now hit bottom and is showing signs of a strong resurgence, most of the Aspen Realtors are operating in survival mode. It is not uncommon to see them handling bags at the airport or waiting on tables at the local restaurants. In 2009, the whole Roaring Fork Valley (the valley where Aspen and Snowmass, CO reside) real estate market fell off the edge of a cliff. At the peak of the market, 2006, the upper valley (Aspen/Snowmass) produced about 750 transactions. Last year there were only about 300 transactions. There are approximately 660 Realtors in the Aspen Board of Reators. Last year, twenty percent of those Realtors, 132, produced about eighty percent of the sales. As a matter of fact, about 400 of the 660 Realtors in the board have not had a sale in the past year and about 350 have not had a sale in the past two years.

Many of the world's wealthiest citizens concerned about the instability of the world stock markets, US debt, and the falling value of the dollar have decided to invest in Aspen real estate. This year vs. the same period last year, Aspen sales transactions are up 44% and the dollar volume is up about 32%. This year, we will set a new record for sales transactions valued at over $10M. Through the end of August, there have been twelve such transactions. If you are thinking like the world's wealthiest citizens, you would be well advised to give one of the 20% that are full time Realtors dedicated to providing their clients with the best in professional serivces a call. I am one of the 20% and can be reached at (970) 309 3620 or To visit our website, please Click Here.

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