This year has shown median price increases up valley that are off the charts. When comparing the median price of a closed transaction for an Aspen single family home for the first half of this year against the median price for 2018, one finds an increase of 18.63%. This may seem insane but is mild compared to the increase of the median price of a single family home for Snowmass Village comparing the same periods being 45.21%.

Each of the Roaring Fork Valley towns had either a strong first quarter followed by a weak second quarter or visa versa. Aspen had a mild first quarter increase of 6% higher than its 2018 first quarter sales, but then showed a 27% increase over its 2018 second quarter results. Snowmass Village had a phenomenal first quarter at 85% over its 2018 first quarter performance, but showed a paltry 4% increase in the second quarter over same period of 2018. Basalt showed a 70% increase in the first quarter of this year over the same period last year, but showed a 32% decrease for the second quarter. Carbondale had a weak first quarter, but came back in the second quarter to cause the first half of 2019 to be virtually equal with the same period for 2018. Consequently, Aspen and Snomass Village had extremely good dollar sales increases of 17% and 30% respectively while Basalt and Carbondale's first half numbers were close to equal to their 2018 first half numbers.

Please see the First Half 2019 spreadsheets below that show all of the detailed numbers.