At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, it looked like the entire Roaring Fork Valley real estate market had reached its peak in 2015 and was beginning a dollar volume downward trend. At the end of 2016, it became evident that the only town that really suffered an extreme downward trend was Aspen dropping 45%. All of the other towns reported dollar volumes virtually unchanged from their 2015 levels. The only exception was Glenwood Springs that enjoyed about a 10% increase. Aspen single family home median prices fell about 15% while Snowmass Village single family home median prices went up about the same amount, 15%. Basalt and Glenwood Springs single family home median prices were virtually unchanged year over year, whereas Missouri Heights and Carbondale enjoyed median price increases of 24% and 13% respectively. Please see the detailed spreadsheets below. Please see the spreadsheet that show the complete detail of the above statistics below.

Going into 2017, people seem to be encouraged by the stock market rise and some of the economic indicators showing signs of a further recovery.
I have updated the statistical links in the right hand column to show the results through December reflecting the sales and pricing statistics for the entire valley as well as the individual markets.

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