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Aspen real estate and Snowmass Village real estate have long been considered some the best ski resort properties in the world. If you have been waiting to buy either Aspen real estate or Snowmass Village real estate, you should wait no longer. Both of these markets have already hit bottom and are now on their way back up. If you bought Aspen real estate or Snowmass Village real estate recently, you probably got an extremely good deal. If you are still waiting on the sidelines, you better act now or you may miss an opportunity of a lifetime. The window of opportunity is closing rapidly.

One can not place Aspen and Snowmass in the same category as the national real estate market. While most areas of the national real estate market are still experiencing downward trends, the Aspen and Snowmass markets are currently experiencing a strong resurgence. Sales volumes have gone up over fifty percent since the 2009 market meltdown. At the same time, inventories have gone down over fifty percent in the past two years. Historically, median prices of Aspen and Snowmass properties have increased in value 40 to 90 percent within three to six years following a recession. The Aspen/Snowmass recovery is currently going through the inventory reduction phase which precedes the rapid price inflation phase.

During the worst year of the recession, 2009, the Market Action Index (MAI) was about 3.3 indicating an extremely strong buyer's market. Since that time, the MAI has risen to about 15.5 which is still a strong buyer's market, but at its current rate of increase, it will not be too long before it passes the demarcation of buyer's market and once again enters the classification of seller's market, MAI being over 30. If you have been a wait-and-see buyer and you do not want to miss out on taking advantage of the current low prices in the Aspen real estate and Snowmass real estate markets, you should capitalize on the terrific opportunities available now. All you have to do is give me a call at (970) 309 3620, drop me an email at, or visit our website at

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