Unlike the national real estate market, the  Aspen real estate and Snowmass real estate market is showing strong signs of a revival. This is not surprising because historically the Aspen/Snowmass real estate market is one of the last to feel the effects of a recession and one of the first to come out of a recession. Obviously, this market is unlike others because the buyers and sellers in this market are in the upper five percent of the world’s most wealthy citizens. Approximately sixty percent of the Aspen purchases are cash transactions.

In an attempt to better understand what is happening to the Aspen/Snowmass markets, I updated the Aspen/Snowmass Median Price table to include the 1st half of 2011 and put together a new table that shows  the Aspen real estate and Snowmass real estate sales volumes as well as the changes in price per squarefoot for single family homes and condos/townhomes. These two tables are shown immediately below. As you will notice when you look at them, most median prices as well as prices per square foot are now going up. This means that we have now past the bottom of the market, and it is now time to take advantage of a strong buyer’s market at its bottom. If you would like to talk about how you can capitalize on these two perfect storm ingredients, please give me a call at (970) 309 3620 or  email jgausnell@roaringforkrealty.com. If you would like to visit our website, please Click Here.

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